'For the Grown Ups' from Sounds & Vowels

This Easy Theory section from the Sounds & Vowels Masterbook explains the nature of learning difficulties and effective teaching and learning for children with word reading difficulties in short easy to understand chapters. It supports parents and educators to know not only what and how to teach, but just as importantly why. Informed instruction makes for more powerful learning.


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SpeechChapter 3, English Orthographic Complexity

Galletly, Susan A (2005), The Galletly Report: Reading-accuracy development, difficulties and instruction in Australia. Mackay: Qld: Submission to the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy.


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29 Commonest Vowels Video

A very useful video for children, parents and colleagues which provides easy explanations for these vowels. Click here to view the video.

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Easy Theory is the term we use at Literacy Plus for easy explanations of reading research theory.


Reading research offers great wisdom for educators wanting to use best practice instruction, but sometimes it’s overly theoretical without the strong practical emphases which educators love.


We’re very much into Easy Theory and Theory made Practice, i.e., useful very practical applications of important research principles. Susan’s seminars strongly emphasise research theory, explained as Easy Theory, with lots of Theory made Practice: powerful strategies that make a very strong difference in children’s literacy progress.


This Easy Theory section is a work in progress: it will grow over time.