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Dr Susan Galletly, PhD is a teacher, speech pathologist, lecturer and researcher with over 30 years hands-on experience working with children experiencing learning difficulties, and a passion for supporting teachers and parents in accelerating children’s literacy progress. Susan is the author and developer of Literacy Plus books and modules and this website.

Susan focusses her work on four areas:


1. Building and utilising the research base 


Susan closely follows, and helps build the research base on what works best for literacy development for all children, and particularly children with literacy difficulties. She also keenly utilises the research base: her powerful educational strategies and activities use key principles of effective teaching and learning well-established by educational research.


On this website you can view:


2. Resourcing Educators and Parents


The Literacy Plus Motto is ‘Learning Made Fun’ Susan skilfully bridges the bridge between theory and practice, to build fun effective activities which maximise children’s learning. Literacy Plus modules and activities are a powerful combination of Susan's:

  • Wealth of hands-on experience

  • Depth of knowledge of latest theory.

  • Commitment to the Literacy Plus motto: Learning Made Fun!


Susan’s learning activities are cutting-edge, translating powerful theory into efficient effective activities designed for learning fun: children build powerful skills while engaging in fun activities they love.


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3. Sharing Easy Theory


Susan loves sharing her knowledge on how to optimise children’s literacy learning,and is a popular speaker at conferences and seminars in Australia and internationally.


The term ‘Easy-Theory’ encapsulates Susan’s skill in being able to take complex research theory and explain it in simple easy-to-understand practical ways. Teachersand parents love the highly practical, down-to-earth manner and content of Susan’s workshops.


​Susan presents seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on a diverse range of literacy topics. Susan’s presentations are always tailored to the needs and interests of her current audience. You’ll recognise Susan’s passion for sharing her knowledge in the extent of easy-theory shared on this website.


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4. Working one on one with children
    and their parents


Susan conducts a private Speech Pathology practice in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Susan works one on one with children and their parents, supporting parents to be high effective tutors of their children when working on Literacy Plus activities in the weeks(and sometimes months) between Speech Pathology sessions.

In certain conditions, Susan works with children who are far afield from Mackay:

  • Sometimes, children come to Mackay for intensive sessions, over a period of 2 to 7 days.

  • At other times, Susan sees children while engaging in her passion for travel to different parts of Australia and overseas (These are usually organised well in advance, often with several engagements occurring on the one trip).

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Dr Susan Galletly - Literacy Plus Author

BSpThy, Grad Dip Teach
(Primary), MEd, PhD 

Systematic literacy learning

Based on key principles of

Phonological processing,

Literacy information processing,


Plain Common Sense, and

Absolutely compulsory FUN!


All Literacy Plus modules are
built from these principles.