Dr Susan Galletly runs a private speech pathology practice in Mackay, Queensland. 


Susan specialises in working with school age children with literacy difficulties. 


Susan works a parent-as-tutor model: parents sit in through each Speech Pathology session, and observe the activities Susan uses and the subtle ways she modifies activities so they are at the right level of difficulty for the child. Then parents practise the activities at home with their children.


The parent-as-tutor model means sessions do not need to be as frequent as would be needed, using conventional speech pathology sessions. Clients are sometimes seen weekly for a while, then move to fortnightly sessions. For families who travel some distance to see Susan, monthly sessions are used. 


Susan mostly works with children from the Mackay region. In certain conditions, she works with children who live far afield from Mackay:

  • Sometimes, children come to Mackay for intensive sessions, over a period of 2 to 7 days.

  • At other times, Susan sees children while engaging in her passion for travel to different parts of Australia and overseas (these are usually organised well in advance, often with several engagements occurring on the one trip).


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2014 Consultation Fee Schedule


Initial Consultation:

Includes a brief summary report for parents/teachers

1hr: $220.00     1.5hr: $300.00     2hr: $380.00 


Treatment Consultations: 

$160.00 per hour charged in 15 minute increments

e.g., 45mins: $120 


Other Consultation Services:

Other consultation services include report writing, 

phone consultations, assessment processing, processing and analysing of tests done during treatment sessions, home visits, visits to schools and childcare centres. 


$160.00 per hour charged in 15 minute increments

e.g., 45mins: $120.00