Literacy Plus newsletters are a useful resource for teachers of all children in Years F-2 and struggling readers in later years. Their content is ‘Easy Theory’ - practical teaching strategies built from research knowledge.


Three newslatters annually: Summer (Feb), Winter (June) and Spring (Sept/Oct) 


Each newsletter will provide links to FREE downloads, including:

  • Literacy Plus Postergames available only until the next newsletter

  • Useful resources, such as information sheets, games and tests,
    available on a continuing basis


Parents wanting to support their children's reading progress will also find Literacy Plus newsletters a valuable resource.

Newsletter 1: Word Reading - October 2014

Newsletter articles include:

• Early and Late Emerging Reading Difficulties

• The Two Key Skills of Word Reading

• Echo Reading 

• Successful Engaged Learning with Literacy Plus

FREE Downloads:


  Sounds & Vowels Postergames

     - aeiou Cheese Chase Real Word

     - aeiou Cheese Chase Pseudoword



  Three Categories of Weak Readers:

   Meet 7 Children with Reading Difficulties



  Use Echo Reading to Build        Successful Engaged Text Reading



  Reading is a Brick Wall

   An Understanding Why section

   from Sounds & Vowels (p. 92-93)



•  Read Easy Books 

   An Understanding Why section

   from Sounds & Vowels (p. 97-99)