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Leading on from the powerful Sounds & Vowels module, but equally effective as a stand-alone learning module, Two Vowels Talking supports children in mastering reading and writing words with common two letter vowels and multisyllabic words. 


Suitable for all educational professionals and parents, designed to support relaxed, fun, powerful teaching and learning. 


In line with the Literacy Plus motto of 'Learning Made Fun', Two Vowels Talking uses games galore coupled with simple effective systematic teaching strategies to help children develop skills with
two letter vowel words and multisyllablic words. 


Key features include: 

  • Research based strategies to build powerful effective learning of reading and writing of words using 20 common vowel graphs. BONUS inclusion of Stupendous Spaghetti Supreme: Reading and writing of multisyllabic words 

  • Games, games and more games - for use with groups and individuals

  • Great activities for normally developing young readers. 

  • A truly powerful resource supporting students with learning disabilities

  • A 'For the Grown-Ups' Easy Theory section explaining learning breakdown, and how best to support student learning

  • A 'Which Book First?' Section checking students skills as to whether Sounds & Vowels or Two Vowels Talking would be the best starting point

  • A 'Wondering Why' Section building students' understanding of how they learn best, and building on students’ understanding of Easy Theory from the ‘Sounds & Vowels module

  • Key teaching strategies building automatic skills and permanent mastery of: 

    • Reading and writing of 20 common vowel graphemes

    • Reading of regular and irregular multisyllabic words

  • Awards children work towards for:

    • Automising reading skill for different vowel groups

    • Making permanent memories of these skills 


English speech uses 20 common vowel sounds. These are commonly written using approximately 30 vowel graphemes: Literacy Plus products focus on the 18 commonest vowel sounds (with ‘ear’ and ‘air’ not included). 

  • Sounds & Vowels builds mastery and confidence in reading and writing 10 vowel sounds (5 vowel sounds: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ, and 5 vowel names: ā ē ī ō ū), using 10 common vowel graphemes (a e I o u, a-e, e-e i-e o-e u-e) while 

  • Two Vowels Talking introduces 8 further vowel sounds and 20 common vowel graphemes


With Standard and Blackline (photocopiable) Masterbooks, full colour laminated postergames and 'Vowel Word Fun' playing cards available, 'Two Vowels Talking' is a powerful and complete resource for teachers, learning support professionals, parents and students. 


Teachers, speech pathologists learning support professionals and parents will find Two Vowels Talking the ideal resource for core literacy skill development: 

  • Powerful research based strategies build automatic skills and permanent mastery

  • Easy theory explains learning breakdown, and how best to support students' learning

  • Wondering Why pages and contracts build student understanding of how they learn best

  • Games, games and more games mean 'Learning Made Fun' 

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