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Suitable for all educational professionals and parents, designed to support relaxed, fun, powerful teaching
and learning.

Sounds & Vowels systematically develops reading and writing of regular words using English’s 10 commonest vowel sounds and graphemes. For children aged six to fourteen years it is powerful for regular classroom and home use with beginning readers, and ideal for older children who are experiencing literacy skill weakness in reading and writing.


Children with learning difficulties often have normal intellectual ability and healthy skills in other areas, e.g., mathematics and science – it’s reading and writing skills which are their biggest challenge. Sounds & Vowels concentrates on accelerating progress with these skills, using games and fun to keep motivation high.


When students experience literacy skill weakness in reading and spelling, the most common areas of weakness are with:

  • SOUNDS - Phonological awareness - hearing sounds in words, listing them to spell words, blending them when sounding out words, etc.

  • VOWELS - Whilst most students master consonant letters (b,m f, etc) and their sounds, they commonly have great difficulty with the vowel sounds in words.


English speech uses 20 common vowel sounds. These are commonly written using approximately 30 vowel graphemes: Literacy Plus products focus on the 18 commonest vowel sounds (with ‘ear’ and ‘air’ not included).

  • Sounds & Vowels builds mastery and confidence in reading and writing 10 vowel sounds (5 vowel sounds: ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ, and 5 vowel names: ā ē ī ō ū), using 10 common vowel graphemes (a e I o u, a-, e-e i-e o-e u-e) while

  • Two Vowels Talking introduces 8 further vowel sounds and 20 common vowel graphemes.

Sounds & Vowels builds fluent permanent mastery of skills in four key areas:

  • Phonological Awareness for reading and writing

  • Words with Vowels a-e-i-o-u

  • Words with Bossy-e Vowels

  • Words with Consonant Blends


The four activity sections are full of games and fun, embodying the Literacy Plus Motto – Learning Made Fun! In the 'Sounds & Vowels' module you'll find friendly 'motto people' reinforcing 'Sounds & Vowels' learning strategies. 'Sounds & Vowels' builds students skills to a level where they are 'Automatic! Fantastic!' at reading and writing skills, in keeping with the Literacy Plus Motto - Learning Made Fun.


Class teachers, speech pathologists learning support professionals and parents will find Sounds & Vowels the ideal resource for core literacy skill development:

  • Powerful research based strategies build automatic skills and permanent mastery.

  • Easy theory explains learning breakdown, and how best to support your students' learning process.

  • Fun mottos, Understanding Why pages and contracts build student understanding of how they learn best.

  • Games, games and more games mean 'Learning Made Fun.'​

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