Literacy Plus Products Headline

Literacy Plus' product range is based on latest research that indicates at least one in three English-speaking children experiences significant literacy difficulties with many of those children having significant reading-accuracy and spelling difficulties.


Literacy Plus' three learning modules, Phonological Fun, Sounds & Vowels and Two Vowels Talking, use comprehensive games and materials for powerful systematic skill development to dramatically accelerate reading-accuracy and spelling skills.


You'll find our materials:

  • Are packed with games and fun.

  • Are self-paced, using easy to understand language.

  • Give simple explanations of how best to support children in their learning.

  • Give powerful strategies throughout the modules which build automatic skills and effective long-term memories.

  • Powerfully build students’ skills, confidence and metacognition.

  • Have easy ‘how-to’ videos showing optimal use of activities and materials both on this website and on The Literacy Plus CD.


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Do these attributes describe your child or the students you work with?  


  • Aged three to five.

  • OR... In Grade 1 or 2, and having difficulty with rhyming or playing with the sounds and syllables of spoken words

      Click here for Phonological Fun


  • Aged between six and fourteen years?

  • Ready to master reading easier regular words?

  • OR... Experiencing literacy skill weakness in reading and spelling including words with the five regular vowel sounds ă ĕ ĭ ŏ ŭ, and final-e vowels, e.g., words like cop cope slot dress splash.

  • Has been described as having a learning difficulty?

       Click here for Sounds & Vowels


  • Aged between six and fourteen years

  • Ready to master reading more advanced regular words?

  • OR... Experiencing difficulty reading and spelling words with common two letter vowels and multisyllabic words, e.g., words like wait bean form fern avoid soup kidnap begin.​

       Click here for Two Vowels Talking