Susan presents seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on a diverse range of literacy topics.


Susan loves sharing her knowledge on how to optimise children’s literacy learning, and is a popular speaker both in Australia and internationally. 


The term ‘Easy-Theory’ encapsulates Susan’s skill in being able to take complex research theory and explain it in simple easy-to-understand practical ways. Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists and parents love the highly practical, down-to-earth manner and content of Susan’s workshops. Susan’s presentations are always tailored to the needs and interests of her current audience. 


Susan’s 2014-15 speaking fee rates are 

  • $1350 per day (4.5 hours to 7 hours speaking/presenting)

  • $1350 pro-rata per part day ($225 per hour)

  • $550 per day for travel where travel has to take place during work hours (8.30 to 6.30) on weekdays adjacent to the speaking day 

  • Travel and accommodation expenses 


Susan sometimes speaks at discounted rates or for free for nonprofit organisations focussed on improving children’s literacy, e.g., an extra session for parents attached to a full day schools’ seminar. 


When speaking interstate or internationally, it’s often found useful for Susan to have multiple engagements in the one trip, as this saves on travel fees. It’s therefore best to organise speaking engagements well in advance. 


Click here to contact Susan about

speaking engagements. 

Upcoming Canberra Seminars:  


Meeting the Instructional Needs of Adolescents Struggling with Literacy

NOW FRIDAY 15 MAY - $120.00

Ideal for teachers, speech language pathologists & teacher aides working with middle school students


Ensuring a Gentle Start: Effective Earliest Word Reading Instruction for At-Risk Readers

NOW SATURDAY 16 MAY - $150.00 

(price includes a copy of Phonological Fun)

Ideal for teachers, speech language pathologists
& teacher aides working in schools, kindergartens, preschools and childcare centres, with young children and older children with severe learning disabilities.


For enquiries and registrations contact 
Heather Saywell 
at Namadgi School:

Phone: (02) 6142 0900

Fax: (02) 6142 0904




Please note the dates of the two seminars are now reversed from dates previously advertised. This is due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Brisbane Seminars:  


Teaching to the Instructional Needs of Children with Reading Weakness: Theory and Practice




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